AGHAM – Advocates of Science and Technology for the People stands in solidarity with the people of Gaza and the rest of Palestine who are currently experiencing relentless indiscriminate bombing by Israel which led to the deaths of more than 8,000 people, half of which were children. We also condemn war crimes committed by Israel, which include the use of internationally banned white phosphorus, bombing of hospitals, schools and places of worship where the wounded and displaced sought refuge, and targeting of media personnel and United Nations workers.

For many decades, Palestine has been victim to imperialist aggression, initially by the British Empire, and later on by the Zionists who emigrated to the land and began the more than 75 year occupation of the land through their 1948 declaration of the State of Israel. These colonialist settlers over the years, mainly with support from the US and Zionist lobby groups, continued to steal more land and wage a genocidal war against the Palestinian people. Despite occasional peace agreements, and talks for reconciliation, to this day the Zionist Israeli regime continues to deprive Palestinians their right to self-determination, right to access to basic needs, and right to life. This led to the decades long Palestinian struggle for liberation. Recently, more than 8,000 Palestinians have been killed in the past three weeks, with millions internally displaced and trapped in the occupied territories of Gaza.

As part of the Global South, we Filipinos also share the same wounds inflicted by imperialism. Much blood was also shed in our own nation’s struggle for independence. This struggle against imperialist aggression by the US, China, and other imperialist powers looking to exploit us further also continues to this day. It is through this shared struggle that only further fuels our resolve to stand with the Palestinian people. As Peoples’ Scientists, we firmly believe that science should serve the people, and the Palestinian people included. We lament at how advancements in S&T are used for inhumane, unjust, and fascistic practices like the manufacturing of weapons of mass destruction like the white phosphorus bombs, nerve gas, and remote-controlled drone attack weapons by the Zionist Israeli regime towards the Palestinians. This is an affront to how S&T should be used. S&T is meant to be used for the overall advancement and progress of the human condition.

As Peoples’ Scientists in the Global South, it is not only ethical, but logical to stand with the Palestinian people in their struggle against the genocidal, imperialist-backed aggression from the US-Zionist Regime. We call on all our fellow scientists to condemn the unjust and fascistic occupation of Palestinian land by Israel, and to support the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination!

Scientists against Zionism!

End the Occupation of Palestine!

Siyentistang Pilipino, Palestino, tutol sa Zionismo, pasismo, imperyalismo!

R&D for peace, not weapons!

Science for peace, not war!

Scientists, unite against apartheid!

#LandBack #EndSettlerColonialism
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