The potential loss of revenues from projects that do not yet exist is far less significant when compared to the severe ecological and economic consequences of mangrove destruction and soil dumping in productive coastal waters. Manila Bay remains a productive fishing ground, yet reclamation projects pose a grave threat to the vital mangrove ecosystems in Bulacan, Navotas, and Cavite, which serve as critical nursery grounds for fish, and a significant source of livelihood for thousands of fisherfolks, which will be displaced as reclamation continues.  

Moreover, reclamation exacerbates hazards such as flooding, liquefaction and land subsidence which could have implications on businesses and homes in hazard-prone areas. Establishments to be built in reclaimed land could also compete with water and power supply in Metro Manila, which could affect existing businesses and residential areas during times when supply is limited.

We urge Rep. Salceda to broaden his perspective and conduct thorough research before supporting reclamation.#


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