AGHAM – Advocates of Science and Technology for the People lambasts another planned foreign trip by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. for the coronation of King Charles III and his Queen Consort Camilla in the United Kingdom this coming May. Marcos Jr. has already made eight foreign trips since coming to office last year [1].
“We are appalled by this future foreign trip considering how the country is still suffering from economic setbacks,” said Cleng Julve, campaign officer of AGHAM. “For example, many fishing and coastal communities in Oriental Mindoro still suffer from the loss in livelihood and exposure to health hazards due to the oil spill that happened a month ago. Based on the initial results of our study conducted last weekend, fisherfolk are in dire need of cash and food aid amid the fishing ban. Almost 90% of the oil spill affected communities rely on the resources of the sea for livelihood.”
“The audacity of this jetsetter president to toast champagne with the royals while his people have almost nothing to eat is sickening,” remarked Julve. “With an inflation as high as 10.7%[2], the affected residents are further burdened with rising cost of basic commodities. Marcos Jr. should consider postponing his trip to the UK. Instead, he should focus his attention on solving different economic and environmental issues in the country. The Verde Island Passage and other fishing grounds in Mindoro, Palawan and Antique are productive fishing grounds that are important nationally and internationally. Solving this issue and other national issues should be prioritized instead of spending taxpayer’s money for something that is not part of the interest of our nation,” ended Julve.



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