For those who seek a just and lasting peace,
The road is marked by sacrifice and strife.

Many “could have beens” are thrown
To those who choose the difficult road
They could have chosen a life of ease,
Writing essays and proses to escape their dreary lives.

They could have followed the beaten path,
Notarizing papers to uphold the status quo,
Stamping all those paper works for order defined by the few,
But they have chosen a life of purpose, with the masses in tow.

Yet their journey is not without pain,
For they are vilified, tagged, and branded with shame,
By those who cling to power, who refuse to entertain,
The idea that true justice and peace could exist

The violence they face is not abstract or vague,
It is felt by those who dream of a better tomorrow,
It is the landlessness of farmers who will never own what they till and break,
The centuries of exploitation etched on the calloused hands of those in sorrow.

There are many ways to fight,
To struggle for a just and lasting peace.
Some wield a pen or brush to shed light,
While others take up arms and refuse to cease.

Regardless of their chosen path,
The ruling elite will never accept,
That anyone would dare to challenge their wrath,
So they crush them with violence and neglect.

But those who take the difficult road,
For a just and long lasting peace,
Will always be remembered and bestowed,
With the honor and reverence they truly deserve.

For in the hearts of the Wilmas and Benitos,
And thousands of people’s heroes
They know the truth,
That happiness is found in the revolution,
It is a life that is pure and uncouth,
But it is a road worth taking, a path to true liberation.



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