The past weeks, amid the onslaught of the CoViD-19 epidemic and a number of disasters brought about by an inutile regime, we have been witness to attempts to shape public opinion against groups and individuals who are critical of the criminal incompetence of this regime.

Our attention was led away from the real problems that plague our country, the incapacity of this regime to address the problems that it created, and the worsening life situation for most Filipinos. We are made to believe that our problems are rooted in the critics who have exposed these problems- those who have removed the tethers that blind or control our understanding of our social conditions.

If there is any history or material evidence that we can base our opinion on the groups and individuals that are being red-tagged, it is that time and again the courts of our lands have found no basis for such deadly accusations. The regime’s spurious correlations to red-tag progressive groups and individuals will not stand in court, thus, they resort to a trial by publicity.

It is not only the duty of progressive groups and individuals to expose the real problems that plague our country and those who are responsible for it. It is the duty and the right of every Filipino to be critical of their reality – not only to free themselves from oppression and exploitation but also to create a better world for the next generation.

We, AGHAM, denounce the actions of the NTF-ELCAC in red-tagging progressive groups, thus putting lives in danger. A thriving society is one that allows criticism for its checks and balances.



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