She is his equal
Not ought to be quantified, nor qualified
They are equals in all sense of the word

She is not defined based off of him
She is not defined by what she can and cannot do
She is defined by what she is

She, the creature of emotions
And, she the ocean of logic
An embodiment of contradictions

She is not a Manichean duality
She not only of reason or empathy
She is an interplay of complexities
Carrying confidence
In understanding the material conditions

She speaks the words of the masses
Toiling with them in their struggle against oppression
As their liberation is her emancipation

She is half of the people’s struggle
Holding half the infinite possibilities that their liberation offers
Firmly grasping it until the day she shares it with her equals

To all the Joan Hintons
Rosalind Franklins
Katherine Johnsons
Fe del Mundos
Recca Montes of our time
And all the women in struggle,
Happy International #WomensMonth



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