AGHAM encourages STEM workers to work with basic communities, learn from each other and together, in the process, make science and technology serve the interests and welfare of the Filipino people.

Impacts of Reclamation Activities in Manila Bay

AGHAM is conducting a study on the effects of the current reclamation activities in Bulacan and other areas within Manila Bay in response to San Miguel Corporation's Aerotropolis Project. The research has a community immersion component to better grasp the impacts of reclamation projects not only to the ecology but to the lives of fisherfolk communities directly affected by development aggression.

Impact Assessment of the Mindoro Oil Spill Incident

AGHAM, along with other members of Brigada Kalikasan, conducted a rapid impact assessment of the impacts of the oil spill brought by the capsized MT Princess Empress in Oriental Mindoro. Ocular observation, focus group discussions, key informant interviews, and surveys were done to assess the socio-economic, health, and environmental impacts in four barangays (Maidlang, Navotas, Lazareto, Silonay) in Calapan and in two more (Misong, Tagumpay) in Pola.

State of Science and Technology in the Philippines (Update)

We want to know the country's current state of science and technology vis-a-vis national development. Has our manufacturing increased? Do we have more scientists and engineers? How about our agricultural production? Let's find out as we update "Prometheus Bound," our paper on the state of science and technology in the Philippines.


AGHAM believes that to fully realize the role that S&T plays in our society, there is a need to unite their and the masses’ knowledge and skills in addressing common interest for nation-building.

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